Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Song about Dyslexia

In 2009, some musicans in New Zealand came together on a project to raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia. They produced a song which was released to celebrate Dyslexia Action Week .

The song was written by Don McGlashan, who is a parent of two dyslexic children .The single ‘The Closer You Get, The Bigger I Look’ is available for free download from the following site :

Here are the words of the song :

I might stand out
I might be someone you’d like to meet
I might fit in
I could be anyone on the street

You better watch me
You better watch me

If you’re gonna judge the cover
You better read the book
Cause the closer you get
The bigger I look

And if I hit the wall
I’m gonna find my own way round
And if I fall
I’m gonna get right back off the ground

You better watch me
You better watch me

Chorus x2

Oh yeah, the bigger I look
The bigger I look
The bigger I look

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2010

Dyslexia awareness week 2010 is running from the 1st to the 7th November in the UK.

This year the theme is hidden dyslexia.The aim is to try to raise awareness of the challenges faced by students with a disability that presents no visible physical signs to the outside world.

People who are dyslexic often spend their lives hiding their problems from others. Due to this, dyslexia can often go undiagnosed and unnoticed by teachers and parents.

Despite having problems in some areas , such as literacy and writing they also often have hidden talents.

Hidden talents such as :

- Innovative and big picture thinking

- Excellent trouble shooting and problem solving

- Strong visual skills

- Determination

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is organising several events during this week ,including a play festival of the work of dyslexic playwrights.

In Turkey the situation is much worse than in the UK as still dyslexia is unknown by many people.There are no reliable statistics about the number of students who have dyslexia in Turkey.As yet, there is no standardised reading test to assess reading levels. All we can see is the the tip of the iceberg... and it is certain there are many more dyslexic students who need to be identified and helped here in Turkey. !!

Tell someone TODAY about dyslexia ... a neighbour , a friend , a work colleague ..spread the word.