Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Did you know that the 3rd of December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities ??

Dyslexia is a hidden disability.The term hidden disability refers to the fact that if a person meets someone with dyslexia they will not be aware that anything is different. You look however, at a person in a wheelchair and determine that he has some serious physical problem; you look at a person with a white cane and easily notice that he cannot see; and, you look at a person using sign language and quickly deduce that he has limited hearing. These types of disabilities are very visible. The dyslexic, however, does not have any outward physical signs that give anyone a hint of their disability.

Many children may have never been tested nor or even may not know that they have a learning disability.For these children school can be very difficult because they have problems with learning, but do not have any idea why !! In fact these children become adults and very often still do not realise that they are dyslexic.Often they encounter problems in the workplace and their daily life due to their dyslexia.

Very often dyslexic children may be called names by their classmates and labelled as lazy,retarded or stupid by teachers, because they are unaware that they have dyslexia.

In a country,like Turkey, many parents do not want to admit their children have a learning disabilty because they are worried that other people will have a negative reaction.

We need to try to make more people aware of this problem in Turkey and to talk about this problem openly so that we can begin to help dyslexic children.

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