Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sally Gardner who is dyslexic, was originally called Sarah, but as a child she couldn't spell her name, so later she changed her name to Sally because she found it easier to spell!!

She did not learn to read or write until she was fourteen and had been thrown out of several schools. Despite this, she went on to become a very successful costume designer.

After the birth of her children, she started first to illustrate and then to write childrens books. In 2005 Sally Gardner won the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Gold Award for her book I, Coriander. Previous Nestle prize-winners include some of the UKs best childrens writers - Anne Fine, Quentin Blake, Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson.

Sally Gardner is proof that dyslexia does not have to stop you from being a successful writer !!

Some of her books are available in Turkish – they are printed by Doğan Egmont.I would recommend them for children who are dyslexic as they have interesting story-lines and the chapters are usually about 4 pages long.The font used in the books is reasonably large.!!

Here are some of her book reviews :"The Invisible Boy has enough humour and action to keep less confident readers as well as assured readers turning the pages." (Books for Keeps )

'All the books in the Magical Children series have satisfying stories, scintillating crisp sound effects and lively,humour-filled readings’ – ( The Times – Christina Hardyment)

If you follow this link you can hear Sally Gardner talking about her award winning book : Reading Aloud with Michael Rosen - Sally Gardner

You can visit her own site at : http://www.sallygardner.net/

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