Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jump On It! : Educational Game

I have mentioned before that educational games are a very useful way to get your child to learn , especially if they are dyslexic. Games are a welcome relief from studying from textbooks !! Here below is another example of a game I have played with my own child. He enjoyed it so much he wanted to play it again !!

Copy the syllables or words you want your child to practice on cards.
Make a second set of cards with the same syllables or words etc.
Scatter one set face up on the floor, leaving space between each card.
Place the other set face down.
Turn over the first card in the pile.
Have your child read the syllable /word and then jump on the corresponding card on the floor. Turn over the next card and have your child read it and jump to that word.
Continue until your child has jumped on all of the words. Mix the cards up and play again!

This game is good as it involves a lot of physical activity which makes it more fun !!

You can adapt this game and use it to help your child to learn other things- for example,
Multiplication ( one set of cards with eg 6 x6 written on it , another set with the answers eg 36 ) .
Time – ( 12 and 24 hr clock – e.g. 19.00 ,other card 7pm ).
Synonyms / opposites etc – eg hot / cold etc etc.

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