Wednesday, June 10, 2009


All children at state school or devlet school in Turkey start to take English classes in the 4th grade.Dyslexic children will find English a hard language to learn, unlike Turkish which is phonetic. They will most likely need some extra support to assist them in learning English.

Here is a programme you could use to help your child if they are struggling with English . This programme is available on the internet and is free. The summer holidays are maybe a good time to practice English.

Stairway to Reading is a tool to help children who struggle with reading, It is provided by the Society for Quality Education, a Canadian non-profit organization . The programme is completely phonic based.

Stairway to Reading is a one-on-one remedial reading program for students of any age who have already received some reading instruction but who are struggling with reading. It was not developed for beginning readers, although it can be used for this purpose with some small changes.Stairway to Reading comes complete with a diagnostic test, 40 lessons, flashcards, and 128 pages of completely phonetic reading material. In addition, there are games to provide extra practice. All of these materials can be downloaded and printed.


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Thank you for posting about our Stairway to Reading. If readers have questions we are happy to help where we can.

Medical Information said...

Dyslexia is a neurological development disorder. The symptoms are clear but there is no proper medication found on it. It is also found in children. And you have written very well about it. Stairway to reading tool sounds beneficial. Thanks for sharing it. To get more knowledge on dyslexia, refer Dyslexia treatment