Monday, June 29, 2009


Delayed speech and other speech and language difficulties in pre-school children (eg difficulty pronouncing some words especially multi- syllable words) are a strong predicator of a child being at risk of subsequent reading problems.

If parents have any concerns about their child's speech development it is best to seek immediate professional help from a speech therapist and or psychologist.

If your child does have a problem then as a parent will need to try you help your child.Here is a useful resource which you might find useful to give you some ideas :

The Communication Cookbook is a resource book of activities to support children’s language and communication. Developed by I CAN and the BT Better World Campaign, it focuses on 5 essential areas that support children’s communication skills :

Attention and Listening
Building Sentences
Story Telling

It contains simple ideas to help parents and teachers to develop these in skills in children.

A PDF version of the Communication Cookbook can be downloaded and printed out. It contains useful readymade flashcards.

Free downloadable exercises from the book are available in PDF format and online games are available on this site eg

Picture sequencing
Add an adjective
Good listening
Spot the difference

Before you access the activities, you must register.


hayesatlbch said...

My niche is visual dyslexia which only applies to the small minority of dyslexics whose reading problems are related to difficulties seeing text.

I put together some links to free stuff that dyslexics( without visual dyslexia) and their parents should find helpful.

free audio book downloads, free text to speech programs, free membership to RFB&D to deownload thousands of audio books.

There is also a link to a free program designed for teachers to teach children K-3 at risk for reading failure for anyone who would like to know the specifics about multi-sensory instruction. Material downloads are also included for free.

My link page is

Medical Information said...

Hey great information. I like your blog. Dyslexia is now a days is common problem. And whoever suffering from it, should not face it in a good spirit, in a positive way. Ya speech problems are also common in dyslexia. Thanks for the information. To get more knowledge on health related issues, refer Universal health care

kid with dyslexia said...

I am 14 and have dyslexia. I did not speak until I was 3 years old. My parents were not told at that time that other things could affect me later. I went to a speech pathologist a few times a week. I was also taught sign language to help make things easier for me. It was discovered that I had dyslexia when I was in first grade and was unable to rhyme words. The only words that I got right were the words I had learned from sight.

Betul / Ann said...

Sorry for the delay in replying!!
My son also had speech problems when he was young and also he went to a speech therapist.Speech problems can often be an indication that children will have problems with reading.I hope you have managed to overcome your difficulties and found suitable strategies.Good luck with your blog.