Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Especially during a long school holiday it is difficult to motivate your dyslexic child to carry out reading and school work. As I know from experience ,it is easy to get into a battle with your child over school assignments given during the holiday.As a parent you know that is crucial children go over skills learnt but often it is difficult to get your child to stick to a schedule !! One option is to use a reward chart to help motivate your child.


A reward chart is an tool to encourage your child to carry out a certain task eg completing homework , checking their school bag every evening . When a child performs the desired behavior, it gets marked off on their chart. After enough checks, the child receives a reward.


They can help to stop the cycle of arguing and telling off that it is so easy to fall into as parents. A reward chart provides a really positive way (using encouragement and praise) to encourage good behaviour, for example to get your child to complete homework tasks on time .

You can either buy or make a reward chart . On the internet you can find reward chart templates. ( search under free printable behaviour sheets )

In Turkey they are not so easy to find but I did manage to buy one produced by the ELC ( Early Learning Centre) from Leonardini .


Get creative and make a chart together with your child based on something your child likes eg Ben Ten, Sponge Bob ...

On a large piece of card write down on the side a list of all the things you want to reward your child on .

Across the top have each day of the week.

Then at the bottom of each day note a reward they will get if he complete the tasks .

Also, if you wish, to make a note of a big reward the will get if they complete all the tasks for the whole week. This will give them a goal to work towards.

Buy or make some stickers to put on the chart.

Get your chart laminated so that you can re-use it .


Trip to the cinema, a new toy, cook their favourite meal, bake a cake etc, a new book or magazine, later bedtime, trip to the zoo or museum.
You could even ask your child to give some suggestions ( within reason !!).

N.B Don't just make the treats all of monetary value.

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