Monday, September 21, 2009


Iyi Bayramlar; Şeker Bayram Kutlu Olsun!

Şeker Bayram is the holiday that marks the end to Ramadan , which is a period of fasting.Sweets are part and parcel of this festival especially for children !!. People take boxes of chocolate or sweets when paying bayram social visits to relatives. Sweets such as baklava are made at home and served to visitors.

Most children love sweets, however too much sugar intake has been found to effect a persons ability to concentrate.A child who has dyslexia needs to be able to concentrate even more than a non-dyslexic child in order to take in the same amount of information.

As a result it is important to try to keep a check on your child’s intake of sugary drinks, such as cola and also sweets. Try to give your child plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately all Turkish schools have a shop where the kids can buy sweets and sugary drinks – so temptation is never far away!! Of course its difficult to ban sweet things completely especially at Sugar Bayram but don’t them overdo it !!

Please note Blogger has been having some problems in Turkey over the last few days – lets hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible!! I read in the newspaper that blogger is not working properly due to a technical problem rather than a move by the censors.

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