Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dyslexia tends to run in families. Children of parents with dyslexia are likely to have problems, too. In fact many parents, only find out about their own dyslexia when their child is identified as being dyslexic !! Often parents realize that they were also probably dyslexic, but had not been diagnosed when they were at school.

If you are a parent who is dyslexic yourself then this should give you a better understanding and appreciation of your child’s difficulties in school. You may also be able to help your child to utilize practical strategies to overcome problems they may encounter. Unfortunately, some parents may find that their children's experiences bring back bad memories of the past which they would rather forget !! In an earlier Dyslexia Blog article I talked about Ersin Öztoycan who is also dyslexic and a parent of two dyslexic children.She went on to set up a dyslexia association in Northern Cyprus.

If you think you could be dyslexic, you could take the Adult Dyslexia Checklist test. This will give you a good indication of any dyslexic traits you may have.

One such well-known checklist is the Vinegrad test (1994).

There is another checklist which was devised by Ian Smythe and John Everatt in 2001.See the British Dyslexia Association ( BDA ) site for more information.

If the test result seems to indicate you are dyslexic you will need to be properly assessed by a psychologist, in order get a formal identification.

I had problems when I was at school with learning to read and often when I am helping my child with his school work it makes me remember again the difficulties I had….

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