Friday, November 6, 2009


Edward Vickerman who overcame dyslexia to achieve his career dream won the 2009 UK Teaching Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year .

Because of his dyslexia he struggled at school .He can remember at the age of seven being given a given a bag of wooden letters. "I had to put them in alphabetical order, I got about as far as D. I couldn't identify any of the letters, or make the sounds they stood for. They could have been anything."

Edward’s father is severely dyslexic. Despite being told at school that he was stupid, he established his own furniture business .Edward's older brothers, both also dyslexic, are now making successful careers with the family firm.

Instead of going into the family business he decided to work in the hotel industry. Edward managed to successfully overcome the difficulties caused by his dyslexia, and went on to do a degree in hotel management. Afterwards he did a post-graduate course in teaching. Edward now teaches business and enterprise at a College and is already head of business at the school, despite being there for a relatively short time.

Mr Vickerman said he gets round his dyslexia by using new technology in lessons rather than communicating by writing.

In an interview he said that“Dyslexia has always allowed me to think differently ,to think out of the box.”

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