Thursday, November 12, 2009


In a previous dyslexia blog article about reading I mentioned that it is important to help your child to choose appropriate books for your child to read.

Dyslexia Action and Waterstones (a well–known UK bookselling chain) have produced a guide, designed to help children and parents choose books that are more suitable for a young struggling/reluctant reader who has dyslexic difficulties.

Further information and a downloadable pdf of this guide may be found at DA or

Waterstone's Guide to Books for Young Dyslexic Readers :

Guide to Choosing Dyslexia-Friendly Books for Kids :

List of graded books

“Teachers and adults, who are supporting children as they are learning to read, need books of graded difficulty that can be matched to children's reading levels. This is particularly important for children with literacy difficulties, as they need to practise their reading skills with a wide range of books at the appropriate level.”

The Dyslexia Institute has produced a list of graded books which might be useful to parents …

For more information go to :

List of books sorted by grade :

NB Dyslexia Action was formally known as the Dyslexia Institute..

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