Friday, December 18, 2009

Children's University of Manchester Site

Children who have dyslexia in most cases need to 'over- learn ' knowledge taught at school . Here is a great site which I recently discovered on the internet.Its good for going over topics learnt in science.

In Turkey science is initially taught in the 4th grade. This site from Manchester University can help support childrens science learning in a fun way.

It contains excellent mini-lessons and interactive lessons. Topics include the body and medicines, energy and the environment, the earth and beyond, teeth and eating, micro organisms, and the brain and senses. It includes videos and games and has great graphics which will attract children.

Please note there are also some good literacy games to play covering subjects such as nouns, adjectives and idioms etc..


Debra said...

Hi Ann/Betul,
We exchanged comments a few months ago. I had a Family death in November so have been out of circulation, but would appreciate some contact over my dyslexic son - he was desperate about his homework last night, having had a blissful 2 weeks without pressure from school! I have a zillion questions. What extra support does your son(?) receive? Would appreciate a chat if you have time.

Betul / Ann said...

Happy New Year.Sorry to hear your bad news.. I have given my details to Caroline at the IWI for you...
Hope to speak soon.As I know from experience homework for both child and parent can be a struggle ....
Kolay gelsin !!