Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Reading resource for students with dyslexia :

The Electronic Library consists of 250 books which are available in six different levels of reading ability. The library is suitable for dyslexic children aged 9 to 15 and is available for PC only.

The library allows users to read a chapter of a title at the computer every day without the supervision or intervention of any adult . This is made possible by the fact that the programme will on request, voice any unfamiliar words as they are encountered. A chapter from the book can subsquently be printed out and then can be read out loud to an adult.

(Please note they are not talking books – the programme voices individual words only if the user touches any letter key and is otherwise silent. )

A Maths course is also available for younger children .

For more information go to :

A number of these electronic books are available free from the following address :

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