Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here in this dyslexia blog article is some information about some free phonics books parents can use to help their their dyslexic children.

The Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia SPELD(SA) has produced a number of Phonic Books which use the sequence of sounds used in the Jolly Phonics early literacy programme.

The books are free to use. You can make a donation if you wish so that more can be published in the future.

Each book is published with suggestions on how parents, tutors and teachers can get the most out of the book.

SPELD (SA) phonic books require Adobe Flash.

The books are grouped in a developing order based on the order of sounds introduced in the Jolly Phonics early literacy programme.

The printable versions of these phonic books have been designed so that once printed, the pages can be folded in half to create an A5 book.

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