Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mnemonic Lists

In a previous dyslexia blog article I talked about how mnemonics can help dyslexic pupils in their studies. A mnemonic device is a memory aide that helps you to remember sets of information more easily.

I recently found some websites which list ready-made mnemonics for a number of different topics:

Here are their addresses :

You could also search for specific topics in Google :
eg "science mnemonics " "maths mnemonics" etc...

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Duane Smith said...

Fantastic work...

I failed the first grade because I could not read - soon after I was diagnosed with dyslexia. I went on to fail algebra a total of five times. I failed English in the first grade. And I failed out of 3 different community colleges.

Now I am a college professor. Dyslexia is only a challenge to be negotiated. I do so, by focussing on my strengths, and confronting my challenges.

Duane Smith