Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Periodic Table of Elements

A dyslexic student who has had problems learning their alphabet and times tables could also experience difficulties later on in chemistry with learning and memorizing the periodic table of the elements.

Hints on how to learn the periodic table :

Use Visual aides

The Periodic Table of the Elements in Pictures :

This is a great downloadable pdf file of the Periodic Table with clear illustrations. Suitable for all ages . The pictures make it more memorable to learn.


A mnemonic is a useful way to remember a list of facts.

The mnemonic listed below is a phrase, consisting of words made using the symbols of the first nine elements in the periodic table.

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Food
1. H - hydrogen
2. He - helium
3. Li - lithium
4. Be - beryllium
5. B - boron
6. C - carbon
7. N - nitrogen
8. O - oxygen
9. F - fluorine

Make up silly sentences to learn the symbols and indivıdual elements: eg


Naughty Alex threw the sodium into the bath and it exploded

See You Tube for one good example :

“How to learn first 20 elements in periodic table (from Ming) “

Please see my other previous articles on mnemonics for more examples ...

Use music to learn the elements for example :

Boing Boing Video "Meet The Elements," an animated music video from They Might Be Giants. Available on You Tube .

This animated song is about the periodic table of elements

Use Games

FunBrain Periodic Table Game

A fun way for young students to learn the periodic table . Includes learning by symbol or by name.



Cassie said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these :D

Antoinette said...

I came across your blog today and think it's absolutely fantastic! I am a dyslexic 25 year old and many of your posts hit very close to home for me. I had a very hard time at school but never let dyslexia stop me from chasing my dreams, thanks to the amazing support of my parents. I now hold a degree in graphic design and am a qualified art/ design secondary school teacher. I believe that if Dyslexic kids are given the support they need, they are capable of doing amazing things.