Thursday, February 19, 2009


Developments in computers can be of great benefit to children with dyslexia.Computer programmes can be used to assist the learning process. While there is no substitute for individual tuition, computer programmes provide valuable reinforcement, variety and can increase motivation.They can be very useful for parents who are trying to help their dyslexic children.

There are now some cd roms available in Turkish which can be used to practice reading, writing and maths.

Below are a few I have used with my child :
Mine'nin Matematik Evi – Logomotif
3- 7 - Millie's Math House includes seven activities where kids explore numbers, shapes, sizes, patterns, addition and subtraction as they build mouse houses, create wacky bugs, count animated critters, make jelly bean cookies and answer math challenges.This has won some awards.
Akıllı Çocuklar- Logomotif
Akıllı Çocuklar 1, 3-7
NB Akıllı Çocuklar 2 ve 3 – for older age groups
Okumayı Çok Seviyorum- Logomotif
Aimed at supporting children who are just learning to read.Contains a variety of stories and games .
BİLBUL 4 İşlem – Kara Korsan’ın Hazinesi- Logomotif
A pirate game which involves correctly answering addition,subtraction multiplication and division questions to reach some buried treasure.
ALFABE – Eurosoft
For 3-7 aged children. It introduces children to all the sounds and letters of the alphabet It is in both Turkish and English.
I haven’t used this one – but it may be useful :
EL YAZISI - Konuşan Harfler - Eurosoft
For more information :

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great site lots of resources. Have a look at for resources on dyslexia and learning difficulties. We have a working memory game that i am happy to send out for free. Email me on info @

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