Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Called Dyslexia

It’s Called Dyslexia

BY Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
IBSN :978-975-403-495-01.

Two reviews from

'A good "feel good" book for dyslexic children

I bought this for my 7 year old dyslexic daughter. She was very excited to hear the story told from the dyslexic main character. The basic summary of the book is that she was excited about school and then got frustrated with school because reading was so hard for her but easy for other kids. Her teacher wanted to talk to her parents, it made her worried but then it turned out that her teacher wanted to tell her parents that she was concerned and wanted to do tests on her. They learned she had dyslexia, they got her help and now she loves reading. It made my daughter feel like she could some day enjoy reading too. If only schools help kids with dyslexia as well as the book says....'

I think the last point is very true and especially in Turkey !!!!!!!

Great book to read aloud with a group of children and / or parents. Such a reading gives a great platform for informed discussion and developing further understanding. Also great to use as a family for the same reasons’

There are lots of these types of books available in English but until now none in Turkish - so its great Tübitak have printed this book !!

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