Wednesday, February 25, 2009

THE JCB SONG- about a boy who was dyslexic

The JCB Song by Nizlopi

The JCB song is about a little boy riding in his father’s digger and it was a No 1. hit in the UK. It was written by Luke Concannon and tells how great he felt when he was five and his builder dad used to pick him up from school in a JCB (digger) .Luke struggled in his studies because of dyslexia and says he was often bullied by both pupils and teachers.The JCB Song celebrates how all his troubles at school disappeared when he was riding in the cab of the big digger with his father.

Luke is one half of double act Nizlopi. He recorded the track with fellow dyslexic John Parker, who has been his best friend since they were 13.

Luke recalls ‘My grandad and dad are both builders and my dad used to give me a lift home in his big JCB. He even let me drive it sometimes.All that rubbish with school just used to be left behind for a while.”

Luke said about the song ‘There’s a good story behind this track. I hope some people can relate to it and hopefully take some comfort from it. I don’t look at dyslexia as something that should hold you back and I hope other people don’t as well.

The song and accompanying video — can be viewed on the internet. Go to :

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