Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Classroom Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities

Six Classroom Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities.

The ADDitude magazine is a magazine which gives information on ADD,ADHD and other learning disabilites such as dyslexia.In Feb/March 2006, in an article written by Royce Flippin, it recommended six proven classroom accommodations,
1. Seating the student near the teacher and away from doors and windows.
This helps the child stay focused on the teacher.
2. Allowing a student to tape-record assignments.
Kids with learning disabilities tend to have trouble remembering spoken instructions.
3. Providing the child with a note-taking partner.
Dyslexia- related
handwriting problems
can make it hard to keep up when taking notes.
4. Giving a lighter homework load. This is appropriate for children with dyslexia who struggle to get their homework done. The questions are just as hard - there are just fewer of them.
5. Granting extra time for test-taking.
The idea is not to make the exam easier for the child but to level the playing field, by providing sufficient time for the child to show what he knows.
6. Letting the student run occasional errands for the teacher.
This can help
hyperactive kids burn off some energy.

Accommodations at not a change in the curriculum.Instead they are a slight change in the way tasks are presented.Accommodations are fair. They enable a child to receive equal access to education despite a childs disability.Unfortunately in Turkey very often schools do not wish to make any such accommodations - despite the fact that they should do !!!!

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