Thursday, April 9, 2009

European Dyslexia Association Questionnaire : The Rights of Dyslexia Children

An interesting survey on rights of dyslexic children in Europe was conducted in co-operation with the European Dyslexia Association in the years 2002-3. Prof Marta Bogdanowicz from the University of Gdansk in Poland prepared a questionnaire which asked about the facilities for children with dyslexia in different countries.

20 European countries took part in the survey :

Austria,Belguim,Brazil,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,France,Hungary,
Switzerland,UK, and USA.

Here are some of the conclusions concerning special privileges during exams for dyslexic children :

Dyslexic pupils may recieve additional time during written exams in 70% of the surveyed countries

Dyslexic pupils may use a tape recorder to listen to the exam questions instead of reading them in 35% of the surveyed countries.

Dyslexic pupils have exam questions read to them in 50% of the surveyed countries.

It does not always apply to state exams ( in 15- 35% of countries )

See the Dyslexia Association of Ireland website for information on this survey.
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