Thursday, April 9, 2009


At this time of year a lot of parents will be thinking about which school they should send their child.Naturally this is quite a hard decision to make, even more so when your child has a learning disability ,such as dyslexia.!!

Unfortunately as a result of the lack of awareness of dyslexia in Turkey it is difficult to talk openly to a prospective school about your child’s problems as you could put your child at a disavantage. It may turn that they may not except your child into the school you are applying to ! ! For this reason it is crucial that we try to do something about raising dyslexia awareness amongst teachers and schools in Turkey !!!!!

From my own experience, all I can recommend is to visit schools and try to find out as much information as possible.

Try to select a school where the class size is not too high. Unfortunately many schools have crowded classrooms of over 40 !!

In addition, find out about the programme they are doing.Some schools are very competitive and expect a high standard from students.It would be advisable to select a school which is not so competitive – if at all possible.Ask about the amount of homework given.

Try to research the school’s counselling service and their activities
as well as trying to find out about the education co-ordinator of the school.

If you can, meet your child’s prospective teacher .Preferably choose a teacher who is approachable and friendly – one that you think you can work with.

Choosing between a private school and a state school is difficult. State school education tends to be of a more traditional approach.Dyslexic children benefit from multisensory education where all the senses are used to aid learning.Unfortuanely however, in Turkey it is not always easy to find a private or state school which offers this type of education !!

Remember that if you select a private school you will need to think about the cost.If your child has a learning disability you may have the extra costs of private teachers and psychologists fees to take into account. In most cases, extra support is needed for children with dyslexia.Unfortunately the majority of schools provide little if no extra help for students with learning disabilities , even if they have an educational report (Kaynastırma rapor) !!!!

In the UK for example some schools are designated “dyslexia friendly schools “ – so choosing a school is a much easier task then here in Turkey!!! There are even some special schools for those with severe dyslexia,however in Turkey they is nothing like this here.

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