Saturday, August 29, 2009


Now, is the time for parents to start helping children get ready to start back to school. For children with dyslexia, this task may be more worrying than it is for others. Many children with dyslexia find it difficult to keep up with their school friends and suffer embarrassment due to their poor reading skills. For these children, the idea of facing another school year in competition with classmates can be very stressful.

Your child may become anxious at the idea of returning to school – be prepared to spend time to discuss and listen to his/ her worries.

Return to a normal school bedtime routine:
A few days before school begins start to send your child to bed earlier each night in preparation for starting back to school.

Arrange a meeting or outing with one of your child’s school friends before the end of the holiday.This will help to ease the transition to school and to make your child feel more at ease.

Before school starts, try to create a postive attitude about starting school. Often children enjoy buying stationary for school etc .This can be a way to get them in the right frame of mind for school ,by shopping for materials and new school uniform.

The biggest struggle for dyslexic children is often to get organized.

Help your child by :

Using book covers to color-code textbooks and notebooks to help them quickly select the right book in the classroom.

Buying an extra set of textbooks in case your child forgets to bring home the correct books he needs for his/ her homework.

Discussing and agreeing on a homework routine with your son or daughter in preparation for starting school.

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