Sunday, September 6, 2009


Recently I saw that the blog ‘Lipstick Wisdom‘ had talked about my own dyslexia blog.

The Lipstick Wisdom blog provide links to other blogs which give ‘practical, actionable advice from women and families who have already been through a particular life experience or health event.’ Their vision is’ to build a web community dedicated to empowering women through their shared wisdom and life experiences.’

Links and information are given for a range of subjects ,including dyslexia and learning disabilities.

I certainly think its true that mums ( and other family members ) have a lot of knowledge and wisdom that they can share with other people in similiar situations !!! As busy parents we all need practical tips to help us with the problems we face daily.

I like the title of the blog – Lipstick Wisdom ‘ – quite appropriate and catchy …!!!
It maybe worthwhile checking out the other blogs, covering dyslexia and learning disabilities that they have given links to.

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