Monday, November 23, 2009


The 24th of November is Teachers Day in Turkey . Of course , teaching is not only a difficult job but a crucial one for Turkey’s growth and development. In Turkey teachers salary rates are low, plus class sizes can be very large – up to 50 or 60 students.

In schools throughout Turkey teachers will have between 2 to 4 dyslexic students per class.

Here are some basic strategies teachers could use to help those dyslexic students in their classes to be more successful.

1. Use multisensory techniques

2. Make lessons as visual as possible – and use manipulatives.

3. Explain clearly .

4. Give clear and short instructions.

5. Provide key word lists before teaching to help with new or

complicated vocabulary.

6. Make use of technology aids to help dyslexics to overlearn eg computer

7. Use larger print for worksheets and choose clear fonts.

8. Don’t ask student to read aloud – use other reading techniques.

9. Preferably explain errors in written work orally. Often a pupil doesn’t want to read teachers comments. Don’t correct all errors, highlight one or two points.

10.Give more time in tests or give less questions and same amount of time.

11.When asking questions in the classroom allow dyslexic students more
time to answer as they may take longer to process information.

12. Avoid copying exercises – use handouts.

13. Teach students memory strategies – mnemonics (acrostics) etc..

14. Seat students near the front – use a “buddy” system – paired readers..

15. Reduce homework amount – give less questions.

16. Allow students time to record the homework tasks.- write homework
on the board early in the lesson.

17. Most of all show understanding !! - try to be flexible


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