Friday, November 20, 2009


If you ask dyslexic children to check spellings in a normal dictionary they find it difficult .To look up a word in a dictionary, you have to know how the word is spelt in the first place – or at least the first part of the word..

The Ace Spelling Dictionary ( David Moseley ) is great for children who cannot use an ordinary dictionary.

Using the unique index ,children need only think how a word sounds to find out how to spell it. By simply identifying the first vowel sound , the speller is instantly sent to the page where the problem word is found.

Children just need a basic knowledge of vowel sounds and to know what a syllable is .There are clear instructions at the beginning explaining how to use the book correctly. The ACE Index has a table of 16 vowel sounds and the A-Z alphabet .It contains animal cartoons which will appeal to children.

If you want to look inside this book go to where you can see customer images of the book. Go to Google and type in “Customer images gallery for Ace Spelling”

Another useful item for dyslexic children who have trouble with spelling is the electronic Franklin spellchecker.

It has a built in phonetic spell correction. This feature allows users to type in a word the way it sounds and receive a correction list.

For example :
from "nolij" to "knowledge";from "kaufee" to "coffee" from "fizix" to "physics" and so on.

You can buy Franklin spellcheckers from


hijinx said...

Hi, Ann,

I am writing an article for a US parenting magazine on dyslexia. I am looking for a parent of a dyslexic child willing to be interviewed about their experience (what were the signs, what did they do, concerns/worries, advice for other parents, etc.) Would you be interested and/or do you know of a way to get in touch with other parents who might be? I can be reached at Thanks so much for your help/suggestions. Leah

Yvonne said...

Hi Leah, I would love to talk with you about the article you are writing........ Yvonne