Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Dyslexia Forum Update

In this dyslexia blog article I would like to give an update on the Dyslexia World Forum:

The World Dyslexia Forum took place this year in Paris.If you go to the Dyslexia International website you can access the notes from the speeches made by people like : Prof. John Stein ( Oxford University).


As part of the World Dyslexia Forum activities a free online training course about dyslexia is being launched :

Basics for teachers – Dyslexia: Identification and What to do

This online learning course for teacher trainees is designed for use in national and local education authorities’ teacher-training programmes.

Ministries of Education, Local Education Services, and units for Special Education Needs can apply to access the free course by contacting Dyslexia International for details.

They will be asked first to sign conditions for use.

The course consists of three sections:

The first section definition of dyslexia and looks at the causes

The second part provides informal tests for teachers to use to detect whether or not a child may have dyslexia.

The third section focuses on how to include children with dyslexia in mainstream classrooms wherever possible, and on the tools and techniques that meet the learning needs of these children, in particular for the acquisition of literacy skills.

The course in available in French and English.

In Turkey it is complusory for trainee teachers to cover special needs as part of their course.However the quality and amount of training may vary from university to university. In addition, in Turkey we badly need in-service training for teachers already working in schools ;as most teachers are oblivious of dyslexia !! Since dyslexia is one of the most common problems a teacher will come across at the chalkface ;it is imperative that teachers are trained and given practical strategies to help them to assist dyslexic children.


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